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Experience Etching to Create Copper & Brass Jewelry

In this one-day workshop you’ll discover etching, the ancient process of covering certain areas of a piece of metal with a ‘resist,’ then submerging it in a chemical bath so that the uncovered molecules are etched away.  You’ll experience the joy of starting with a design on paper, photocopying it to a special plastic film, heat transferring it to a piece of brass or copper, then watching that design appear on the metal.  There’s nothing more magical than removing the ‘resist’ from the metal and seeing the design! You’ll also learn how to oxidize (darken) the metal so that your designs stand out from the background.


Argentium® is a special silver alloy that doesn’t tarnish and offers other amazing properties that are different from sterling. In my workshops, you’ll discover how to fuse wire into circles, hearts, teardrops, and all sorts of spirals and squiggles, then fuse to sheet metal, all without using solder! You’ll experiment with granulation, the ancient goldsmithing technique of fusing tiny balls onto a back plate, which can be difficult with sterling but magical with Argentium®.

I've switched almost entirely from sterling to Argentium®, and I can't imagine going back. Come take one of my workshops and discover the joy!



My best friend designs t-shirts, and she's busy making me some fun designs for jewelry artists, lovers of stones, and more. She came up with 'gems are my jam' for all of us who own far more stones than we need. Available in several colors. And more designs to come!
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