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Magic Carpet Jewelry

Magic Carpet Jewelry is Handmade Jewelry Featuring Henna Designs, Sterling Silver, Semi-Precious Stones, Eclectic Styles, and Iconic Symbols (Paisleys, Mandalas, Lotuses, Dragons, Crescent Moons, Phoenix Birds Rising, Dragonflies, Wolves Howling at the Moon, Swords, Peacock Feathers and More) for the Boho Chic, Hippie, Festival-Going, Belly-Dancing, Meditating, BOLD Soul!

That's YOU!

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I teach classes and offer private metalsmithing lessons around Bellingham, WA.  Want to learn more?  Click here.

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Magic Carpet Jewelry is available in several venues around Bellingham, WA.  Click here to see the list of brick & mortar shops, art shows, markets and festivals.

Kyanite and Silver Adjustable RingOcean Jasper and Freshwater Pearl Silver PendantSilver Moon PendantPink Sapphire Lotus in Silver Moon Pendant
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